I choose to take care of myself and my body

The MAFIT platform is a combination of author's MAFIT workouts and specially selected best workouts from around the world, balanced recipes, consultations with trainers and nutritionists.

For any level of physical activity

Workouts starting with 40 minutes

Healthy recipes and individual nutrition plan

Support chat and assistance from specialist

Я выбираю заботу о себе и своем теле

Together with Mafit you will:

Gain a healthy fit body without fasting.

Get to love fitness and master workouts without even leaving home.

Choose a training that suits specifically you.

Follow your ration and choose recipes from our menu.

Be able to train at any time convenient for you

Lose weight while eating delicious and healthy food.

Do you recognize this?

Diets that do not work.

No overweight, but the body is flabby.

You want to eat tasty food and lose weight.

You dream of a real result.

Not enough motivation to start.

There is a solution!

Delicious nutrition without failures.

Get in shape while training at home.

Gain a fit and slim body.

Lose extra pounds.

Find motivation.

How the MAFIT platform works


Open Source Resources

We carefully study the information and watch training videos from all over the world, then choose the best programs


MAFIT Data Base

Our team of professional trainers creates unique workouts


Personal user analysis

By filling out a quick survey with data about your health and physical activity, we will make a personal training and nutrition plan for you


Individual training plan

The algorithm will create an individual training plan based on your data and goals


Individual nutrition plan

We will calculate your calorie allowance, select a basket of products and teach you delicious and healthy recipes


MAFIT all-in-one solution

MAFIT is one solution for a healthy and beautiful body!

technological algorithm

Will the MAFIT workouts suit you?

MAFIT for beginners

Those who have never worked out and are ready to follow the advice and build their dream body.

You will learn how to count calories and cook tasty dishes.

You will love yourself and your body and will receive admiration from men and friends.

You will become confident and stop being ashamed in a gym.

MAFIT for amateurs

Those who have tried everything but still haven’t found a properly working program to get in shape

You can choose workouts for your physical activity level.

You will learn about healthy and tasty recipes of our nutrition program.

You will be proud of cool results within 14 days’ time.

MAFIT for professionals

Those who had a break in fitness and quality nutrition and now want to get back in shape

You will learn a variety of exercises for functional training.

We’ll remind how to calculate calories, protein, carbs, fat, and how to choose products.

You will get back to the previous form and improve body quality.

MAFIT for mothers

Those who dream of restoring their figure after childbirth, special programs during breastfeeding

You will be able to work out even from home, without wasting time on traveling

You will learn how to cook easy dishes in 10-15 min that will help you keep fit.

You will return muscle elasticity, body tone, and gleam in the eye.

Try for free

MAFIT is a balanced complex of fitness and nutrition for a perfect body

Just a couple of steps to a perfect body


Of any complexity

Perform your number of rounds

Work out in your own rhythm while listening to your music

No one rushes or keeps you

Full complex of exercises


Fat-burning complex





Delicious and balanced menu

List of products for a whole week

Compilation with a huge variety of recipe

Not only tasty but also healthy dishes

Individual nutrition plan

Enter your data into the calculator

Learn your calories norm based on your goals

Gather a cart of products

Eat diverse with MAFIT and keep fit



Group chats and communication within the platform

Communicate in chats on the platform

Share your results with others

Keep track of your progress

Knowledge base and useful advice

A useful blog about a healthy lifestyle

Recommendations and advice from our trainer

Educational articles from the fitness sphere



Consultations from specialists

Our experts are ready to answer your questions

Consultation from a nutrition specialist and trainers

You can always ask the team for assistance

Team of like-minded people

Find friends in MAFIT

Cheer up each other and share your experiences

Find frequently asked questions in FAQ

You will start believing in yourself with MAFIT




Make the decision to become a better person right now!

Our marathons are a complex of fitness and nutrition for the perfect body.

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